just for fun… guess these 10 famous tv kitchens!

Can you guess which film or TV show these 10 famous kitchens belong to? We’ll be impressed if you get all 10!



1. You’d rarely find Lady Mary down here!

2. This kitchen endured 10 years of friendship drama…

3. You might find pots washing themselves…

4. “On your marks, get set… B**E!”

5. The residents who occupy this kitchen are almost as colourful as the kitchen itself!

6. Surprised there isn’t a pot of marmalade hanging around somewhere…

7. Kate Winslet moved out, Cameron Diaz moved in…

8. The queen of baking cooks here…

9. “1 hour. 2 plates of food. Go!”

10. “Daviiiiiiiid”

How many do you think you got right?

Kitchen’s are often at the heart of TV drama without being at the forefront of our minds. We’re sure you’ll have recognised some, but others you may not have been able to put your finger on…  all is revealed below!


The Answers

1- The Downton Abbey servants’ kitchen – we can’t wait to see more of this in the film adaptation come September 2019!

2- Monica’s kitchen in Friends

3- Mrs Weasley’s kitchen in Harry Potter

4- The Bake Off tent

5- Marge & Homer Simpson’s kitchen

6- The kitchen from the live action Paddington Bear film

7- The Rose Hill Cottage kitchen in ‘The Holiday’

8- Mary Berry’s kitchen

9- The Masterchef Kitchen

10- Gail’s kitchen in Coronation Street


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