5 simple tips for designing your perfect kitchen

  1. Know your purpose!

Do you want your kitchen to be your cooking haven? Your family hub? Or your party palace? Consider your end goal early to ensure you end up with the perfect layout for your lifestyle.  You may need endless counter space for your daily food preparation, lots of floor space for the gathering of friends, or a lengthy breakfast bar to sit the whole family. Make sure your kitchen fits its intended function!

  1. Know your budget!

How much you have to spend can make some of your design decisions for you. Know how much you realistically have to spend overall (budget to exceed!), but also consider how you want to divide this between the different elements in the room. What feature is most important to you? Can you assign a greater proportion of your budget to this and save elsewhere?

  1. Know your elements!

When it comes to designing your kitchen it can be broken down into sections. Flooring, worktops, storage, appliances, lighting & those important finishing touches (handles etc). Consider each of these in turn but also don’t forget the bigger picture when all these come together. Here at Cook & Sleep you can mix and match from different brands to find your perfect combination!

  1. Know your space!

Unless you’re planning on an extension or other building works, the space you have is a fixed entity, meaning you HAVE to bear this in mind when designing your dream kitchen. Make sure you know your measurements, your power sources, your plumbing, and any potential obstacles. A wall lined with cupboards may look fantastic, but it’s impossible if a door or window lies in the way!

  1. Know your users!

Don’t only consider yourself when making design decisions! You may love a geometric central island with clean cut corners, but this could be a safety hazard for your children who love to run through the room. Equally you may love a breakfast bar with high top stools, however you may have ageing members in your family who would struggle to reach such heights.  Try to consider all the regular users of the room to ensure it’s perfect for everyone.

 Final piece of advice… discuss all the above with your kitchen designer to ensure they know exactly what you need. You can then sit back and enjoy watching your perfect kitchen come to life!

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