cook & sleep are now an aeg premier partner… which is great news for you!

We are delighted to announce we are now an AEG Premier Partner.

The key question is how does that benefit you, our customers?  All is revealed below.


1.Who are AEG?

AEG are an appliance supplier. All their appliances boast intelligent technology, responsive design and exceptional performance.

AEG Appliances Kitchen Design Premier Partner


2.What appliances do AEG supply?

AEG supply kitchen and laundry appliances, ranging from freezers to ovens to washing machines, and much more. The product range is vast and all are fantastic quality.


3.What does being an AEG Premier Partner mean?

Being a Premier Partner means we work closely with AEG and are able to benefit from their knowledge, expertise and support. The partnership also means we receive exclusive benefits which we can pass onto you.

AEG Premier Partner Benefits

4. How does the partnership benefit you?

  • Our partnership means that if you buy an AEG appliance through us then you benefit from a 5 year warranty, rather than the standard 2 year warranty available if you buy from AEG directly.


  • We can register your products online with AEG for you. 


  • We will receive special offers from AEG which we can pass onto you.

AEG Premier Partner 5 Year Warranty

5. Why choose AEG appliances? 

Innovation is at the heart of everything AEG do, the aim being to exceed user expectations. This results in a range of products which put you in control of your kitchen and laundry, perform exceptionally and look great.  


Choosing the right appliances to complement your new kitchen is just as important as providing a wonderful kitchen design.  Ensuring your new appliances suit the way you’ll cook and use your kitchen means you can continue to get great pleasure from your kitchen long after the dust has settled on its new installation! 

To find out more about AEG  please visit their website.

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